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The rock musical, Tetelestai, portrays the events of the most important week in the history of man. This year's 100 member cast is composed predominantly of students from 17 central Ohio schools and 9 churches. The show, first presented in 1975, was written by brothers Joel and Russ Nagy and is now in it's 35th year. Tetelestai vividly depicts Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, His trial, execution and His resurrection.

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    Tetelestai is Greek for "It is finished!", one of Christ's last words from the Cross. This concept, that on the cross Jesus Christ completed his work on the earth, is central to the rock musical Tetelestai presented by the youth of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church. In the passion and power of youth, contemporary music, and traditional costumes, this theatrical production reenacts the last week of Christ's life.

    Tetelestai was written in 1974 by brothers Russ and Joel Nagy, members of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church. Since then Tetelestai has been performed more than a hundred times around the country by more than 50 casts operating out of two cities. The words and music have made an impact on countless lives.

    Contact us if your church would like to bring Tetelestai to your community. The production offers a clear picture of Christ to those who don't yet know Him, and also gives believers a partnership opportunity to present the gospel to friends who do not yet put faith in Christ.

    We provide our own set, lights, sound system, and house crew to keep your facility sparkling. Host churches usually provide housing for the cast by inviting church members to share the hospitality of their own homes to pairs of students.